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**GLOBAL RULES OF FRIENDZ FORUM** (All Members Must Read) Empty **GLOBAL RULES OF FRIENDZ FORUM** (All Members Must Read)

Post by rj73 on Sat Jan 29, 2011 7:00 am

1. After Registration..
The e-mail address is used only for confirming your registration details and password (and for sending new passwords should you forget your current one).Please note that most mail servers (yahoo,gmail,Rediffmail, hotmail, etc) will regard our activation email. Therefore uponregistration please check your email to activate your account. This is very important as without activation email read and completed you cannot post on the forum.
2. You agree not to post any, abusive, obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening, or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. Doing so may lead to u being immediately & permanently banned. You agree that the Owners, administrators & moderators of this forum have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time should they see fit.
3. !Flooding of the board with posts containing just thanks, thankz, thank you and similar is a 0% tolerance situation and members will be get WARNINGS or BANNED for failing to comply to this. In order to prevent such situations all users must use theThanx button Which present on every post of each topic to thank the topic/post author for his/her post. The reputation button is to give positive or negative feedback according to the circumstances of the post.
Direct Links to companies like nokia, ngage, other phone manufacturers, online shops, applications developers, games developers etc and anywhere official are not allowed.
5. No advertising of other sites in this forum is allowed. You canpost ur Site ad once @ the links section ONLY. Specifically, a forum name/site ad (most especially for known competing forums/sites)should not appear in whole forum. ANY FORM or ANY CONTEXT (examples : in 'Location' field in a member's profile or signatures, images or as referral links inside the file being uploaded and the likes). Not following will result to a warnings or permanent ban.
6. No double-posts of files, be they Apps, Games, Tones, videos,etc are allowed. Such fileswill be removed. Double-post of the same message or comment in different sections of the forum just to get more views wont be tolerated, and the offending user can receive a ban for that.(If Due 2 network problem then wont get any warnings)
7. And never forget to search theforum for the app/game you require before thinking of asking for it as it might be already posted.
8. Always use the SEARCH buttonbefore uploading a file or askinga question as it might be already posted in the forum. Such topics can and will be locked by the moderator/Admins team.
9. If any member encounters what they believe to be an already posted file (double post of app, tone, game, file, etc) then they must follow this procedure to report it. Before posting you must find original file to confirm it is double (not earlier version etc). If sure after this that a double post has occurred then you must post a direct link to the original file on the topic in question. If unable to confirm any of the above you are required NOT to post unconfirmed information stating this. This rule is to help prevent double posts to keep the forum clean of this problem.
10. If any member encounters a post or topic that is breaking the rules please press the*report post* button adding a comment. This will send an email to all the moderators/Admins in the forum alerting them to the situation. However the abusive use of this button can result in negative feedback/ban for the offending user.
11. No member may act in the forum as if they were a moderator. Leave the moderation up to the moderators/Admins team. If youhave any problems/concerns/questions regarding the actionsof someone from the moderators/Admins team pleasesend a private message to that specific moderators/Admins.
12. No member may ask for Thanx/Reputation increases in ANY of their posts, no one may ask for Thanx's/Rep, not even in the attachments or in the links, If such cases are found it will result in negative reputation points for the offending user and next warnings & then possibly a ban if the said user breaks this rule many times.
13. Be friendly and respect all members of this forum. The use of abusive language against any forum member will result in negative feedback(warnings) and possibly a ban.
14. No user can post content related to sales or selling of any product without the administrators permission. Suchtopics will be trashed by the moderators/Admins team.
15. Each section of the forum has its own rules so please read the section rules of each section.
Enjoy this forum, participate and co-operate with your experiences, files or any other thing that can make this the best mobile forum ever!
Best regards ...
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